Self-isolation rules may end early?

Self-isolation rules may end early?

For the past few years businesses and payroll professionals have had to adapt to the ongoing changes due to the pandemic, COVID statutory pay (SSP) being one of them.

Currently with COVID SSP and subject to them qualifying you start paying SSP from the first ‘qualifying day’ an employee is off work, as long as they are off for at least 4 days in a row. The SSP rebate scheme which is available to small employers, was reopened from 21st December 2021 due to the spike in cases.

On 9th February the Prime Minister during questions he announced on return from half-term recess the plans to present a living with COVID strategy and expects to be able to end the last domestic restrictions a full month early.

Currently restrictions are currently due to end on 24th March 2022, however subject to approval this could be brought forward to 24th February 2022.

Parliament will not be returning from recess until 21st February 2022, therefore businesses and payroll have to be prepared to implement any potential changes very quickly.